WE ARE HIRING: Highly-Driven Superstar Closers

How Salespeople Can Make Up to 5 Figures In Commission/Month Without Selling Property, Doing Wealth Advisory, And Without Having To cold call friends and family

  • You won’t have to waste time studying for 2-3 months to get your license, before you start closing ( in fact you can get your first ‘close’ in as fast as 2 weeks.)
  • You won’t have to approach your friends and family or cold call leads for deals
  • You won’t have to struggle in sales… because you’ll have a dedicated closing mentor by your side to go with you on calls, appointments, and meetings so that you’ll have the confidence to turn ‘maybe’’ into ‘YES’ from your prospects every single time, and get paid, every time you do this. 


If hard work is scary, and finding ways to manage your time effectively is a struggle… this isn’t for you.

Yes we have opportunities.

Yes, we make it easy for you to close. Yes we provide mentorship for you. Yes, we even provide leads for you.

But at the end of the day, it’s your job to make this position work for you.

For Street-Smart & Driven Sales Athletes Only:

Register As A ‘Superstar Closer’ Now:
  • You won’t have to waste time studying for 2-3 months to get your license, before you start closing ( in fact you can get your first ‘close’ in 2 weeks.)
  • You won’t have to approach your friends and family or cold call leads for deals
  • You won’t have to struggle in sales… because you’ll have a dedicated closing mentor by your side to go with you on calls, appointments, and meetings so that you’ll have the confidence to turn ‘maybe’’ into ‘YES’ from your prospects every single time, and get paid, every time you do this. 

If you’re someone who has done sales before, or if you’ve done any telemarketing or cold calling…

You know how painful it is to get ‘NOs’ every single day.

It’s exhausting, but you know that you still need to keep on calling to get the sale.

Especially if you’re a financial advisor, or planning to be one… you know that the first 3-6 months are the worst.

This is when you have to contact your friends, start going for ‘coffee’ with them…

Approach your family members, and wonder how they’ll react… and whether they’ll start to push you away for becoming ‘one of those’ sales people.

And the same goes for becoming a property agent… where they’ll start to think of you as someone who just wants to sell their property and earn a commission from them.

It’s painful, but the directors tell you that if you ‘believe’ in yourself enough everything will be fine.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Trust me.

What if I told you that you didn’t need to approach your friends, and spend 2-3 months studying for papers, and EVEN outperform the best property agents and wealth advisors?

Here at Enspire, we’ve got a big problem. We have too many leads who are looking to buy our products. 

Our sales people are booked with appointments every day.

That’s why our top closers are earning 5 figures per month on average, and they did this while studying for his university finals.

All they do is simply…

Message the leads He Booked

Set an appointment with these leads

Close up to 30-50% of all the appointments set.

We’re spending close to 5 figures every month to get qualified leads for our products.

That’s why, we’re only looking for street smart ‘closers’ that will not waste our leads…

Every day, we will have new leads and enquiries.

And we need action takers, so that we don’t waste these high quality leads, and flush our money down the drain.

We are looking ONLY for action takers who know how valuable it is to have high quality leads.

Simply put, we want someone who sees the value in this opportunity, and why this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for closers to earn out of this world commissions that are comparable to…


And even some of the top 30% of property agents in the market.

In fact, we’ve recently recruited a few property and insurance agents who ‘switched’ careers to do closing full time for us.

That’s how simple, easy, and lucrative this opportunity is…

Which is why we ONLY want to give this offer to work with us,

To closers who want to become great, and be part of our team for the long run.

Here’s why we’re only looking for underdogs,
and hungry sales athletes…

The guys who work with us at Enspire never had it easy in life.

No one in our team came from a rich background. And we knew what it was like to ‘fight’ to pay our bills.

And that’s what drove us to build this team, and create this hiring scheme for closers like you.

Because we want to give ‘fighters’ the chane for a better future.

A chance to take care of your family.

A chance to provide for the people that you love.

A chance to become the best at what you do.

A chance to be surrounded with people who are supportive, and will push you to grow as a salesperson, and as an entrepreneur.

Each one of us worked hard for a better future, for ourselves… because there was simply no one else there to guide us and show us the way.

That’s why our team is built around a culture of sharing and support.

We truly want to make sure that each of our closers are well taken care of, with the best sales scripts and trainings given to them.

We had to ‘tough it out’ to get the first sale, refine the scripts along the way… and make sure that we could give our new closers…

The exact words, sentences, and tonalities to use to close prospects easily and effortlessly.

Even better? Our top sales people will mentor you 1-1, calling the prospects with you, to give you the confidence to turn ‘maybe’ into ‘yes’.

This means that even if you’re afraid of closing right now…

And you’re not sure if you have the confidence to ‘speak up’ and close over the phone…

You’ll still be given the chance to succeed. As long as you are willing to try, and hungry enough to pick up the phone and start calling.

As part of our mentorship program, our top closers will be on the phone with you, during your sales calls, UNTIL you are confident in your own abilities.

This means that we will be there to help you to make your first, second, and even third sale…

Until you are fully certain that you know how to..

1) Open the sale
2) Build Trust with your prospect
3) Control and direct the conversation
4) Open the offer to them
5) And handle any objections that they might have.

This will bump your close rates up to 50%, which means that you could CLOSE 1 out of 2 appointments that you book,
When you choose to apply to work with us as a closer.

And now you might be asking…

‘What Type of Products Will I Be Closing?’

You’ll be helping to close educational products that ranges anywhere between $500-$5000.

Our team at Enspire has partnered with high-quality vendors who spend time to refine their training products. Some of our vendors include listed companies, and some are even funded by government subsidies.

It’s our mission to provide people with the skills that make them more employable in the workforce, and to raise their standards of living, some even provide better financial growth.

Each of these products and programs that you will be selling has been passed through a stringent process of ‘checks’ to make sure that they are of the highest quality.

Which means that the educational products that you will be selling

✅ Have verifiable, testimonials from customers, who were able to get better jobs after learning the skills that were taught.
✅ Are taught by trusted trainers, who have proper qualifications in the subject that they are teaching, with real life experience that they can share with their students.
✅ Genuinely helps the lives of others, and gets their customers results. 

Here’s Why You Make More Commissions
As A Closer At Enspire.

Do You Have ‘The Fight’ To Close These 30-50 Leads For Us?

Within the next 1-2 days, our hiring manager will contact you and set up an interview with you in the next few weeks.

During the interview, we are looking to understand the type of person that you are.

We want to find talents who are driven, hard working, and coachable.

Here’s a FULL list of traits that we’re looking for:
  • You don’t need to ‘score good grades’ but you do need to be very street smart. And you have a way with people.
  • You do more than what’s expected of you, because we will go the extra mile for you too.
  • You are confident your abilities, and you do whatever it takes to achieve your goals
  • You’re willing to let us coach you, and show you exactly how you can close prospects easily – this means that you apply what we teach you immediately, so that you can get success fast.
  • You are someone that’s curious and hungry to learn – when in doubt, you ask questions and look for ways to be more effective as a sales person, you have a commitment to excellence and mastery of closing.
  • You’re looking for a home, and a team that will take care of you– here at enspire, we’re a family, and we take care of the people who choose to work for us.
  • You’re someone who is willing to share what they learn, and pass down your knowledge to the next batch of new closers – our ‘senior’ sales people are the most giving, compassionate and kind individuals that you meet. And they share everything that they use to achieve stellar results. We want to keep this culture, and that’s why it’s important that you’re willing to share and teach.

It’s time to shine, and become the next ‘superstar closer’ at enspire. Getting to 15k/month is possible with us simply because you’ll have leads handed to you, with a mentor by your side to close them.

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